To find the items you are looking for please use the Filter button by picking the category and the brand(s) you are interested in.

Due to a very large quantity of items we are unable to keep track of all the stock. Please check the production date written in the product description.


Estimated item availability in the chart below.

Date producedAvailability
In the last 3 months / stock availabilty90%
3-6 months / stock availabilty65%
6-9 months / stock availabilty40%
1 year + / stock availabilty30%
2 years + / stock availabilty15%

It usually takes 2-5 days for the items to arrive to our shipping agent.

On some occasions 5-10 days if the item has to be custom made or restocked.

After they are shipped :

80% cases packages arrive in 7-15 days.

15% cases packages arrive in 15-21 days.

5% cases it can take 30+ days.

All items are sourced from best factories available. We deal with 12-14 different ones.

All materials are high quality – furs (sable mink, fox etc), lamb skin, cowhide, silk, cashmere etc.

Shoes and bags come with boxes, dustbags, bills, tags etc.

Clothes in most cases do not come with boxes.

Some winter jackets come with dustbags.

We add lower valued invoices to all packages. And 99% of them get cleared by customs.

1. If an item(s) is detained or shipped back by customs in China. We will cover the cost / reship the item(s) once more.

2. If an item is detained or shipped back by customs in destination country customer will have to cover the cost.

Due to the nature of the business we don’t accept returns if the item does not fit or is too big – unless item is damaged or its a wrong item.

We currently accept

1. Paysend – Easy to use with your debit, credit card or bank transfer.

2. Paypal

3. Crypto currencys – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

4. Western Union – Due to limitations we can not accept very often.

1. Clicking on image gives you a quick view of the item.

2. Clicking on the text takes you to product so you can pick the size you are after.

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