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Production Date: 2024-05-10

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fake Balenciaga T Shirt 2024ss. Blue Logo T Shirt, Balenciaga Since 1917Text:On the front of the T Shirt, one can see the Balenciaga logo on the left side and the text ‘BALENCIAGA SINCE 1917’ on the right side.The logo and text are placed in the upper half of the T Shirt that has a minimalist style. In other words, the logo and text are not crowded with other images. This minimalist style shows the latest fashion trend in 2024.Furthermore, the T Shirt itself is a loose-fit style, also a trend. Therefore, this T Shirt is not tight-fitting and would let people breathe easily.This fake Balenciaga T Shirt is a simple piece for our wardrobe. The simple and loose style of the T Shirt are for anyone who would like to go out casually. For example, one can wear this T Shirt for shopping at a grocery store or for a picnic with friends.Lastly, the T Shirt is for both men and women.The model is wearing this T Shirt under a jacket.

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