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Production Date: 2024-05-07

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PLAIN white t shirts combined with a little golden embroidery. This is what the 2024SS knock off Burberry T Shirt looks like 2024 Burberry t shirt. Simple but classy. This plain white t-shirt has a small golden embroidery design on the left chest. Where it says:’Burberry’. The embroidery design was embroidered on the golden threads, and it looks iconic, on the white background. The materials this t shirt was made of: cotton, silk, linen, and embroidery threads. I chose this shirt because I like the design when I saw it online, and also when I saw it at the store. Also, I am a Burberry fan, I like sth about Burberry. 2024 Burberry t shirt was comfortable to wear. It fits well and it fit me very well. This was a great spring/summer shirt to wear during the hot days. It was comfortable to use for school. For a casual day around town, you can use the Burberry to as a great t-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans. Burberry t shirt would be a perfect shirt for most people. I would give it five stars. 2024SS Fashion Show by BURBERRY Limited. 2024 A Basic T-Shirt

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