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Production Date: 2024-05-09

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Presenting the 2024SS fake Loewe T Shirt. It’s black with a white logo on the left side of the chest, and it’s hilarious. Write your own ad copy for something absurdly banal Après la lettre, le mot: reducing a work of literary genius to a Twitter hashtag ‘Should we write the text in the ad for [the new book]? M Amery, Rebel? or Walter Benjamin’s story?’ I’m engaged in the subtle art of writing advertising copy for 2024SS Loewe, which consists of a black T-shirt with a tiny white logo on the left side of the chest, and I’m wondering whether to write the text of the ad myself or if I should pay someone else to do it. The copywriter says that he won’t take it on because there is no ‘story’ behind the brand. I’m trying to convince him that the beauty of Loewe is that it has nothing to say but is just there, a simple white T-shirt — a 2024SS Loewe, if you will. And I’m asking myself whether it’s possible to transform something that has not been created into something that has.

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