2024SS Louis Vuitton Shirt Jacket

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Production date: 03.06.24

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With a fashionable and classic appearance, the 2024SS fake Louis Vuitton Shirt Jacket can be worn by various people to attend functions of various types. It is crafted from white fabric that is premium and made to last. The patches on the shirt jacket are black in color, which creates a stark contrast with the white fabric. There is a golden zipper pocket attached to the middle of the white fabric, which adds to the designer aspect of this piece. There is a “fake Louis Vuitton” logo embroidered on the left sleeve of the shirt jacket. The logo of the brand is a sign of recognition with a strong following of people who like the classic and timeless feel of the outfit. This lightweight 2024SS fake Louis Vuitton Shirt Jacket can be worn at both business and leisure functions.

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