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Production date: 11.06.24

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CASABLANCA Shorts They are my summer favourites! Shorts in green and white, wonderful tropical design with palm leaves, tree branches and flowers in the pattern. Colours are quiet but amongst the lilies and palm leaves there is a burst of green, yellow and orange. Green, yellow and orange make me happy. A happy burst, just in time for summer because these shorts are light and airy and perfect for lounging at home when the heat arrives or casual outdoor fun with friends. What’s the difference between replica Casablanca and replica Casablanca? The downtown one is a lively and friendly place to hang out and meet interesting people. Here, you’ll see artistic types, hipsters, tourists on a budget, teenagers who’ve just purchased skateboards, street magicians, – there’s plenty to see. Pavements teem with people who’ve come out to take a stroll and window-shop or stop at a cafe for a beverage or a smoke.

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