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Production date: 11.06.24

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Boys and girls, please behold before you the CASABLANCA Silk Shirt. Let’s start with the fabric: exquisite silk, with a soft as well as smooth touch, which is undoubtedly more comfortable than a cotton alternative. Next is the colour: It is off-whiteshirt with blue and yellow stripes on the collar, sleeve cuffs and hem, colouring the shirt: Stripes are the go-to for summer shirts, but on the fake Casablanca, they make a high-end shirt look playful. Here’s the best part: A left chest pocket with an emblem with text and floral design. Wow! This is so stunning that you’ll want to show it off. Whether worn at home, out and about or at work, you can have the CASABLANCA Silk Shirt with you anywhere. It’s without-a-doubt a timeless-trend item.

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