Louis Vuitton set

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Production date: 25.05.24

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This is the fake Louis Vuitton set. The fake Louis Vuitton set is a t-shirt and shorts which match. The t-shirt and shorts are black. LOUIS VUITTON” is printed in big letters on the t-shirt and the shorts. “LOUIS VUITTON” is printed on both of them. The t-shirt has a short chain detail on the neckline. You can wear a flashy necklace with the chain detail. The fake Louis Vuitton set is stylish. It is luxurious too. That is to say the fake Louis Vuitton set is very sophisticated. It is suitable for fashionable individuals. It is comfortable as well as fashionable. Add a dash of class to your wardrobe with the timeless fake Louis Vuitton set.

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